Structural and Functional Imaging Core

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C1 Nikon Confocal Microscope Photo

Advantages: Confocal microscopy enables acquisition of 2D or 3D fluorescence images as well as time-lapse images by collecting emission light only from the focus of a las

Leica CM1800 Cryostat Photo

Advantages: The cryostat is good for sectioning cryoprotected frozen in O.C.T. compound tissue.

Hybridization Oven Model Photo

Advantages: This oven is used for clearing large tissue samples. It allows extended gentle rocking of a sample at 37 0C. The system has three shelves.

Laser Capture Microscope Photo

Advantages: Setup is available for extracting cells or tissue regions.

Pipette Puller P-2000 Photo

Advantages: This laser-based pipette puller is good for multistep programmable pipette pulling from both soft and hard glass.

Thorlabs Two-Photon Microscope Photo

Advantages: Multiphoton microscopy (also called non-linear laser scanning microscopy) utilizes simultaneous absorption of two or more photons for excitation of a fluoresc

Leica Vibratome VT1200 Photo

Advantages: This vibratome is good for cutting agarose-embedded tissue slices from ~50 μm to ~400 μm thickness.