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High School Opportunities

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High School Student
Tim Zavarella, High School Scholar


Introduction to Neuroscience

Beginning in February 2020, the Burke Neurological Institute, in White Plains, is offering an Introduction to Neuroscience course for interested local High School students. This twice weekly evening course will provide a foundation to the study of the mammalian nervous system, with an emphasis on the structure and function of the systems that control movement, sensory processing, and learning and memory.
How does the brain control movement?

Student Research Volunteers

Outside of the formal Summer program, some individual laboratories have opportunities for undergraduates and high school students. Some individual laboratories at the Burke Neurological Institute occasionally have opportunities for high school students to contribute to their research programs during either the summer or academic year. These opportunities are typically volunteer positions and both the specific work schedule and type of research conducted by the student will vary among the different laboratories.
student volunteer standing by a science poster

Other Opportunities

We encourage students to also look for other opportunities at The Rockefeller University.