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High School Opportunities

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High School Student
Tim Zavarella, High School Scholar

Student Research Volunteers

Burke Neurological Institute does not offer a formal research program for high school students. Some individual laboratories at the Burke Neurological Institute occasionally have opportunities for high school students to contribute to their research programs during either the summer or academic year. These opportunities are typically volunteer positions and both the specific work schedule and type of research conducted by the student will vary among the different laboratories.

Research Institute staff will evaluate applications three times a year and an attempt will be made to match students with a desired research program. We cannot guarantee that a match can be made. 

  • Fall (new school year) - applications are due August 1.
  • Winter/Spring (after the new calendar year) - applications are due by December 1.
  • Summer (starting at the end of the school year) - applications are due by April 1.

Applications are not reviewed on a rolling basis, rather all applications for a given season will be reviewed together after the submission deadline. Applications submitted after any deadline will be forwarded to the next period and reviewed following the corresponding deadline. The Research Institute will notify you as to whether a match has been either successfully made or not. We try to make final decisions within 2 weeks of the passing of a deadline. If a match is made, you will be put in contact with an investigator from the laboratory to discuss the specific work schedule and type of research to be conducted. If a match cannot be made, students can re-apply for the next season.

Application Process


Identify specific research programs that match your interest. Select your top three choices for lab/faculty in which you are interested.


Collect and gather the following documents in either a MS Word or PDF file format to upload to your application:

  • Transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable)

Prepare your write statements by previewing the online application:
PDF iconstudent-application-preview-08042019.pdf


If you have any question about the opportunities or the application process please send an email to burkestudentresearch@med.cornell.edu.

Other Opportunities

We encourage students to also look for other opportunities at
The Rockefeller University