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Congratulations to Burke Neurological Institute’s Dr. Dianna Willis and colleagues at Weill Cornell Medicine for being awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a project to develop a non-opioid, non-addicting medicine for a hard-to-treat form of pain called neuropathic pain.

The science hope demands


We are a research institute dedicated to finding cures for chronic neurological disabilities. We translate groundbreaking research into clinical treatments so that people can see, talk, and walk again.

The longing for hope

More people than ever are living with chronic neurological issues caused by strokes, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Their prospect for recovery too often feels hopeless, as they wait for major breakthroughs in treatments and cures. With brilliant and compassionate science that leads to life-changing cures, we can change this.

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Neural Connectivity Development in Physiology and Disease Laboratory

The Yoshida Laboratory is interested in formation, function, and regeneration of motor circuits controlling locomotor and skilled movements.

Circuit Repair Laboratory
Hollis Lab studies the reorganization of neural circuits during learning and rehabilitation with a focus on the function of cortical motor networks after spinal cord injury.
Human Motor Recovery Laboratory

In the Human Motor Recovery Laboratory, we are studying the control of movements after neurological injury, particularly after stroke.

The science hope demands

Hope demands brilliant science, and every day we translate groundbreaking research into promising neurological treatments. We put patients at the center of discovery by combining rigorous science and specialized clinics.

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We are looking for participants, including healthy volunteers, to join our research registry. The purpose of the research registry database is to allow investigators within the Burke Neurological Institute to recruit participants for upcoming and current clinical trials.

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Featured Clinical Trials

Rehabilitation After Nerve Transfer Figure
In-Progress / Currently Recruiting Participants
October 18, 2019
Spinal Cord Injury
Person using tDSC for speech rehab
In-Progress / Currently Recruiting Participants
October 1, 2019

We renew hope

Burke Neurological Institute brings hope to those living with neurological disabilities.
We help people to see, remember, talk, write, and walk again.

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Talita working on project for the Burke-Blythedale Pediatric Neuroscience Research Collaboration
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American Society of Neurorehabilitation

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