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Photos of West Point cadets

Pre-med West Point Cadets Engaging in Basic and Clinical Research at the Burke Neurological Institute

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Burke Neurological Institute is collaborating with U.S. Military Academy at West Point to give cadets majoring in pre-med hands-on experience in basic and clinical research. Dr. John Cave and his team of cadets are working on a project to genetically engineer cells that can detect a range of target chemicals. Six of these promising cadets have also been working on entering clinical data and learning how to analyze the data with guidance from Restorative Neurology Clinic’s Amanda Bernstein and Avrielle Rykman Peltz. The clinical data assesses arm and hand functional change, in addition to changes in the quality of life of participants who have participated in a six week robotic technology exercise program aimed to reduce impairment & improve motor skills of individual’s impaired limb after a neurological illness or injury.