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Burke-Blythedale Research Shines at the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting
September 2017
Burke at AACPDM


  • Dr. Melis Suner (Prusky Lab) presented a talk about vision testing in children with brain injury, using an automated assessment platform.
  • Karen Chin (Friel Lab) presented about a proprioception assessment for children with hemiplegia, developed at Burke and potentially useful for kids at Blythedale.
  • Dr. Aura Shoval (Resident) presented two posters about the use of botox to treat drooling in children with CP (pictured, right, with coauthors Kathleen Friel and Dr. Heakyung Kim).
  • Sophia Lall (Carmel Lab) presented about a rodent model of corticospinal injury. It is hoped that findings from this model will help us develop better therapies for kids at Blythedale.
  • Dr. Heakyung Kim presented about botox therapies for children with CP.
  • Kathleen Friel presented about brain plasticity and therapies for adults with CP.
  • Kathleen Friel received the Corbett Ryan Pathways Pioneer Award for her work in brain plasticity and neurorehabilitation.

Dr. Friel Recipient of 2017 Corbett Ryan Pathways Pioneer Award

Dr. Friel pictured at right with Pat, Corbett, and Shirley Ryan


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