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Sophia Lall, B.A.

Sophia Lall, B.A.

Former Research Fellow
Motor Recovery Laboratory
Burke Neurological Institute


My research interests focus on plasticity following brain injury. Currently at the Carmel Lab, I am studying the effects of developmental plasticity on motor recovery. In this project, we hope to gain a better understanding of whether motor pathways from the injured or uninjured hemisphere in the brain contribute to recovery of motor function after neonatal injury of the corticospinal tract (CST). The knowledge gained from this project could identify promising neural circuits to target with electrical stimulation to promote recovery after injury.

Another project I am working on is part of a three-phase translational study, partnered with the Martin Lab (CUNY School of Medicine at CCNY) and the Harel Lab (Bronx VA/Mt. Sinai School of Medicine), which is focused on the effects of paired brain and spinal cord stimulation after cervical contusion of the spinal cord. If we see success in the animal models for this study, we hope to test this therapeutic approach in humans.

In the past, I have worked as a research assistant on several studies in the psychophysiology, neuropsychology, and clinical research fields. Some of the past projects I have worked on include: paced breathing as an interventional tool for substance use disorders, the neuropsychological correlates of depression, and the use of mobile app surveys to prevent re-hospitalization after surgery. My ultimate career aspiration is to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and become a neuropsychologist.


B.A., Psychology, Cognitive Science minor, Biology minor
Rutgers University-New Brunswick, NJ