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Dr. Victor Wong Wins Diversity Award for NeuroTrauma2018

Dr. Wong Receives Diversity Award for NeuroTrauma2018

Awarded By: 
International and National Neurotrauma Societies and AANS/CNS Section in Toronto, Canada

Dr. Victor Wong, a postdoctoral fellow of the Laboratory for Axonal and RNA Biology at Burke Neurological Institute, is a recipient of a diversity award to attend NeuroTrauma2018 in Toronto, Canada held August 11 to 16.

The 3rd Joint Symposium of the International and National Neurotrauma Societies and AANS/CNS Section on Neurotrauma and Critical Care, offers presentation, insights and discussion centered on preclinical and clinical lessons, and visions for the future of neurotrauma research and care. The six-day symposium attracts over 1,500 researchers from around the world.

Dr. Wong is one of ten scientists to receive a diversity award to participate in symposium. He is looking forward to sharing his current investigation on Alpha-Tubulin Acetyltransferase Is a Novel Target Mediating Neurite Growth Inhibitory Effects of CSPGs and MAG. Congratulation from @BurkeNeuroSci!


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