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Christopher Costa Awarded High Distinction on Quinnipiac’s Capstone Scholars Day and Matched at the University of Connecticut, School of Medicine


Training the Next Generations of Clinician Scientists Spotlight

On Match Day, March 18th, Christopher Costa, a former Summer Scholars Student and Research Technician in the Willis Lab at the Burke Neurological Institute, matched for his residency for Internal Medicine at the University of Connecticut, School of Medicine beginning in June 2022. While an undergraduate student at Fordham, Chris was selected as a 2015 Summer Scholar in our Summer Science undergraduate program and explored research projects  in the Willis Lab. Chris’ involvement with the summer program was so exceptional, that Dr. Dianna Willis and her team continued their research investigations with Chris through the next academic year which led to multiple publications. During his senior year, Chris’ endeavors with the Willis Lab continued subsequently leading to becoming a research technician in 2016. Two years later Chris was admitted to medical school at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. His research interest continued and he conducted a Capstone Research Project with the Willis Lab carried-on while he attended medical school. On March 11th at Quinnipiac’s Capstone Scholars Day, Chris was invited to present his Capstone Research Project, which was recently submitted for publication, and was awarded with High Distinction. The community of the Burke Neurological Institute wishes to congratulate Chris Costa on his remarkable scientific achievements and academic accomplishments. He is an inspiration to those who aspire to excel in research and medicine. His collection of research explorations at the Institute amplifies how the Institute is leading and mentoring the next generation of scientists.



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