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Aayushma Kunwar

Aayushma Kunwar

Former Research Technician
Laboratory for Cell Fate Specification and Circuit Development
Burke Neurological Institute


Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, I received my BSc. in Biology and Chemistry (2021) from William Carey University, Mississippi. My primary research interests include sensory processing, motor planning, age-associated changes in immune and inflammatory responses.

When not studying, I tend to rock climb, play tennis, attend live music shows, and replicate Gordon Ramsay recipes. During my undergrad, I worked on a senior thesis titled Efficacy of bio-based coatings against enveloped viruses which was supported by the data collected during my internship at Reactive Surfaces Ltd., LLP, which is a biotechnology company that specializes in functionalizing surface coatings like paint, clear coat and such using peptides and enzymes.