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Project Endurance 2.0

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Project Endurance 2.0
Project Endurance 2.0

For Project Endurance 2.0, the Red Bull High Performance team partnered with neuroscientists from Burke Medical Research Institute/Weill Cornell Medical College to look at how the brain of an elite athlete works, and how it can be positively impacted for further athletic performance.

We used non-invasive brain stimulation techniques on professional endurance athletes in order answer a single question: Can we use technology to switch off the brain’s fatigue signal and take our bodies to new levels of performance?

"Several of the devices we have used on Red Bull High Performance projects, such as the Vital Connect, are now being used on clinical populations here at Burke. It is important to understand the relationship of high performance training and rehabilitation. Aiming to enhance human performance is the ultimate goal of rehabilitation, we often forget that this is the same goal of elite athletes, and there is much that we can learn from the field." says Dr. Putrino. "Red Bull High Performance provides us with the means to examine the approach of leaders in the field of human performance up close and in detail."

Pushing the Limits of Endurance - Red Bull High Performance USA 2014

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