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Seiichi Yamaguchi

Seiichi Yamaguchi

Executive Officer
Musical Instruments and Audio Products Sales Unit

Seiichi Yamaguchi received his Masters of Business Administration in 2003 from Frodham University. He has worked at Yamaha Corporation for over 25 years, holding six different positions. He began his career at Yamaha in 1992 as the assistant to the president, based in California. In 1999, he accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer of Yamaha Music InterActive Inc. in New York. Seiichi then moved to Sweden and worked as the President of Yamaha Music Scandinavia for 4 years. Following his time in Sweden, he moved to Shanghai, China in 2010 and became the President of Yamaha Music and Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. Before becoming an Executive Officer, Seiichu held the title of General Manager in the Business Planning Division of Musical Instruments and Audio Products, based in Hamamatsu, Japan. He currently serves as the Executive Officer in the Musical Instruments and Audio Products Sales Unit, also in Hamamatsu, Japan.