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Falguni Sen's Photo
Falguni Sen

Falguni Sen

Professor of Strategy
Gabelli School of Business
Fordham University
Founder and Director
Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center
Masters of Science in Health Administration
Fordham University

Falguni Sen is Professor of Strategy at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University where he focuses on the analysis of industries. He is an expert in the area of outsourcing of clinical trials and the creation of strategic partnerships, and is particularly passionate about studying the value of strategic and operational actions within the healthcare industry where the outcomes are not easily measured. He is currently conducting research on the value of expanding networks within the healthcare provider space, the importance of patient generated information in increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of healthcare, and the role of doctors’ language on patient experience. His most recently published paper examines how patients use social media in discussing healthcare and drug use.

Working collaboratively with health insurance providers, Dr. Sen designed and launched an initiative within the Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center, for which he serves as Founder and Director, on the measurement of value in health. Measures developed under this initiative have been used to assess the impact of technological innovations as well as organizational changes such as consolidation of hospitals. He has organized a number of multi-stakeholder conferences where academics and policy makers within healthcare discuss and debate critical issues. Together, these conferences have focused on a variety of topics including how to improve the effectiveness of primary care, spirituality within the healing process, and the cultural diversity of healing, and serve as the inspiration for white papers distributed to thought leaders and decision makers.

Recognizing the multi-disciplinary nature of healthcare, Dr. Sen pioneered an effort at Fordham to create a multi-school Masters of Science in Health Administration, for which he currently serves as Director. In addition to teaching at the Gabelli School, Dr. Sen lectures as a member of the international adjunct faculty at the Regional Center for Biotechnology in India, where he also participates in policy making. He has received many teaching awards and has run strategy workshops and seminars with technology managers and R&D managers at corporations in U.S., China, India, Switzerland and Ireland. Dr. Sen has also advised governments of a number of countries on Science and Technology Policy.