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Diane Zlotnikov

Diane Zlotnikov

Z Farms Organic Food

Diane is a practicing physician in the areas of endocrinology and internal medicine working in a telemedicine clinic. She is specializing in treating patients with the wide spectrum of endocrine disorders such as diabetes, obesity, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, reproductive problems and metabolic bone disease.

She graduated from Kiev Medical University in 1990 with the Diploma of Medical Doctor with Honors in Kiev, Ukraine. She completed Residency in Internal Medicine in New York Methodist Hospital in Brookly, NY in 1996 and fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in St.Vincent's Hospital, New York in 1998. She was working in private practice and also was actively participating in clinical research and teaching residents and fellows.

Diane was Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in New York Medical college 1998 - 2004. While practicing as an endocrinologist and treating patients, she became particularly interested and intrigued by the problem of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Diane realized that a large piece of the puzzle of the epidemic of obesity and diabetes, as well as many other endocrine abnormalities and health problems, is related to environmental pollution and toxins in the surrounding water, air and soil. That understanding prompted her to be an enthusiastic volunteer in several environmental protection organizations including River Keeper and Environmental Working Group.

In order to learn a more holistic perspective on managing health conditions including mind-body medicine and nutritional therapies, she completed a University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine in 2018. She also discovered organic farming—a different way of growing plants and raising livestock that sets up the goal to be in harmony with the environment and to regenerate soil and promote clean ecology.

Currently she helps to run certified organic farm in Dover Plains, NY, handling day-to-day operations, management, organic certification and even beekeeping. As a physician, Diane sees the farm’s mission as educational as well as agricultural. The farm is not only a source of high-quality food but also an educational center, promoting healthy lifestyle and safe environment.

Last year she was a principal investigator in USDA granted field study investigating the effect of methane reducing red seaweed as a feed additive on the health of organic livestock and climate mitigation efforts. She also launched Farm to Food Pantry this summer—a charity volunteer organization in Dutchess County, NY that actively participates in soliciting and harvesting fresh produce from local farms and delivering it to surrounding food pantries for distribution to people in need.

Diane is passionate about her work on improving the ecology that would also benefit the agricultural sector and the health of the human population as a whole.