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Clinical Integration Report on Using the Armeo®Spring in a Parallel Setting for Neurological Injury Rehabilitation

Case Report
Tomoko Kitago
Year Published: 
Hocoma. 2019 Oct 18
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Burke Neurological Institute has been working with the ArmeoSpring by Hocoma since January 2017 in which we had utilized the devices for a clinical research trial to look at effects of staff to participant ratio (1:1 vs. 1:2) and treatment dosage (30 min. vs. 60 min) in an outpatient research setting. Here we would like to share our experience with using the devices in the 1:2 staffing ratio.

NOTE: This clinical experience report is meant to serve as an example of how the ArmeoSpring is integrated into one particular rehabilitation centre. It is not necessarily a standard recommendation from Hocoma.