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Zeb2 directs EMT-like processes that underlies the glial response to injury

Journal Article
Ana L Vivinetto, John W Cave
Year Published: 
Neural Regeneration Research. 2021 September; Volume 16, Issue 9, Pages 1788-1790
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In both the peripheral and central nervous systems (PNS and CNS, respectively), glial cells are critical for the wound healing response to injury. However, the glial cell types that orchestrate the response and the extent to which the repair process is successful are different between the PNS and CNS. Nevertheless, there are several cellular features shared by PNS and CNS glia that suggest there are also mutual molecular mechanisms that underlie the injury responses. Establishing these shared molecular mechanisms not only expands our fundamental understanding of how the nervous system responds to injury, but it also facilitates the development of strategies to manipulate the glial responses in order to better protect and restore neurological function.

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