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Chef Erickson and Dr. Sperling at the Burke Campus

Burke Neurological Institute and the Culinary Institute of America Exchange Tours

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On Friday, October 4th, it was an honor to welcome Chef Mark Erickson and Dr. Michael Sperling of the Culinary Institute of America for a comprehensive tour of the Burke Neurological Institute. While onsite at the Burke Campus, the tour highlighted state-of-the-art robotic neurorehabilitation, advanced imaging in science, and stroke research from the laboratory to clinical trials.

In July, Dr. Raj Ratan of the Burke Neurological Institute had the privilege of meeting with Chef Mark Erickson for a tour of the Culinary Institute of America. At the beautiful 170-acre Hyde Park campus in New York, the tour showcased the exceptional hands-on training of tomorrow’s future chefs with discussions on the relationship between good nutrition and expert cooking.

Chef Erickson and Dr. Ratan at the CIA campus

Dr. Ratan and Chef Erickson are enjoying sharing knowledge about nutrition science and brain health.


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