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Postdoctral fellows to study formation and regeneration of motor circuits at Burke / Weill Cornell White Plains, New York

Postdoctoral Fellow
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The Neural Connectivity Development in Physiology and Disease Laboratory at the Burke Neurological Institute /Weill Cornell Medicine, led by Yutaka Yoshida, Ph.D., is currently seeking Postdoctoral Fellows with laboratory experience in neuroscience. We are interested in understanding neural circuits that control motor behaviors using a variety of techniques such as optogenetics, electrophysiology, Ca imaging, single cell RNA-seq, molecular biology, and mouse genetic. Any postdoctoral fellow with neuroscience experience is welcome to apply for this position to study motor circuits.


1. Gu Z., Sarrad N., Ueno M., Liang M., Li J., Enquist L.W., Baccei M.R., Martin J.H., and Yoshida Y. (2017). Skilled movements require non-apoptotic Bax/Bak pathway-mediated corticospinal circuit reorganization. Neuron, 94, 626-641.

2. Gu Z., Kalamboglas J., Yoshioka S., Han W., Zhuo L., Imamura Kawasawa Y., Pochareddy S., LiZ., Liu F., Xu X., Wijeratne S., Ueno M., Blatz E., Salomone J., Kumanogoh A., Rasin M.R., Gebelein B., Weirauch M.T., Sestan N., Martin J.H., and Yoshida Y. (2017). Control of species-dependent cortico-motoneuronal connections underlying manual dexterity, Science, 357, 400-404.

3. Ueno M., Ueno-Nakamura, Y., Li J, Gu Z., Niehaus J., Maezawa M., Crone S.A., Goulding M., Baccei M.L., and Yoshida Y. (2018). Corticospinal circuits from the sensory and motor cortex differentially regulate skilled movements through distinct interneurons. Cell Reports, 23, 1286-1300.

4. Ueno M., Ueno-Nakamura Y., Niehaus J., Popovich P.G., and Yoshida Y. (2016). Silencing spinal interneurons inhibits immune suppressive autonomic reflexes caused by spinal cord injury. Nature Neuroscience, 19, 784-787

5. Imai F., Adam M., Potter S., and Yoshida Y. (2021). HoxD transcription factors define monosynaptic specificity sensory-motor connections in the developing spinal cord. Development, 148 (12): dev191122.

6. Nakamura Y., Ueno M., Niehaus J., Lang R., Zheng Y., and Yoshida Y. (2021). Modulation of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors synergistically promotes rewiring of corticospinal circuits after spinal cord injury. Journal of Neuroscience, 41 (50): 10247-10260.

7. Gu Z., Matsuura K., Letelier A, Basista M., Craig C., Imai F, and Yoshida Y. (2023). Axon fasciculation, mediated by transmembrane semaphorins, is critical for the establishment of segmental specificity of corticospinal circuits. Journal of Neuroscience, 43 (32): 5753-5768


BNI offers a robust Benefit package to full-time employees. Some highlights include:

  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision insurance
  • Company paid Life Insurance/AD&D and Long-Term Disability Insurance; Buy ups for additional voluntary life insurance for you and your family and short-term disability buy-up.
  • Health, Dependent and Commuter FSA programs
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  • Supportive and collaborative work environment


Salary range: $52000 - $67000

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Yutaka Yoshida, Ph.D.

About the Institute

The Burke Neurological Institute is a nonprofit leading scientific research institute devoted to advancing the study of neurological diseases and injuries. The overarching goal of the Institute, an academic affiliate of Weill Cornell Medicine, is to leverage the most innovative and highest quality neuroscience to restore brain and spinal cord function in those with neurological injury including stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, age related macular degeneration. Twenty faculty funded by federal and private agencies work alongside 100 individuals on a beautiful 60-acre campus in White Plains, New York, 15 miles from the heart of New York City.

Burke Neurological Institute is an equal opportunity employer.