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Effects of a 12-week, seated, virtual, home-based tele-exercise programme compared with a prerecorded video-based exercise programme in people with chronic neurological impairments: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Journal Article
Ayushi A Divecha, Amy Bialek, Rachel M Garn, Lydia E J Currie, Talita Campos, Kathleen M Friel
Year Published: 
BMJ Open 2023;13:e065032. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-065032
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Introduction Exercise is vital to staying well and preventing secondary complications in people with chronic neurological impairments (CNI). Appropriate exercise is often inaccessible to this population. The purpose of the study is to investigate the effects of a seated, virtual exercise programme on heart rate, recovery, fatigue, pain, motivation, enjoyment and quality of life in people with CNI.

Methods and analysis Individuals with CNI will be screened for eligibility, and 60 participants will be randomised 1:1 into either a live or prerecorded group. There is no geographical limitation to where participants reside, since participation is virtual. The study will be coordinated by one site in White Plains, New York, USA. The live group will exercise with an instructor via Zoom while the prerecorded group will exercise at their chosen time using prerecorded videos, 3×/week for 12 weeks. Primary outcome measures: change in heart rate during exercise/recovery. Secondary outcome measures: fatigue, motivation, level of pain and exertion, physical well-being, enjoyment of physical activity, motivation and quality of life. Outcomes will be assessed at baseline, midpoint, end of study and 1-month poststudy. Adverse events, medication changes and physical activity will be tracked throughout. Within-group and between-group comparisons will be performed by using analysis of covariance and regression.

Ethics and dissemination BRANY IRB approval: 22 September 2020, protocol #20-08-388-512. All participants will provide written informed consent. Results will be disseminated through presentations, publications and

Trial registration number NCT04564495.


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