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Sustained Increases in Immune Transcripts and Immune Cell Trafficking During the Recovery of Experimental Brain Ischemia

Journal Article
Wen Fury, Keun Woo Park, Zhuhao Wu, Eunhee Kim, Moon-sook Woo, Yu Bai, Lynn E. Macdonald, Susan D. Croll, Sunghee Cho
Year Published: 
Stroke. 2020 Jul 9;50. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.120.029440
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By comprehensively profiled ~25,000 mouse genes across multiple phases after stroke, the study showed a key role for immune-related genes and contribution of peripheral immune cells trafficked into regions of the injured brain, even months after stroke. The significance of these studies is the demonstration of a previously unrecognized expansive and longer-lasting involvement of peripheral immunity on stroke pathology and recovery processes during the chronic phases of stroke. The study suggests a potential immune-based strategy to modify injury progression and tissue remodeling in ischemic stroke.


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