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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Dr. Edwards performing TMS

Transcranial means ‘through your head’, magnetic means there is a magnet in the machine, and stimulation means the magnet gives your brain a short bit of energy.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators (TMS):

  • Nexstim NBT System
  • Mindcare MagPro
  • Magstim 

Kids Guide to TMS

What happens when TMS is preformed?

During TMS, your parents can stay with you the whole time, and you can watch a movie. You will sit in a comfortable chair. You will wear a funny looking headband with silver balls on the front of it. The headband doesn’t hurt. We will also put stickers on your hands and arms, called electrodes. 

They also don’t hurt. During TMS, a researcher will hold a wand up to your head. The wand has a bunch of wires in it. When the researcher presses a button, electricity goes into the wires and creates energy like a magnet. The wand will give a small bit of energy to your brain. It makes a clicking noise. You will be wearing earplugs, so the noise should not bother you. During TMS, there are times when your arm will twich. That is what is supposed to happen. It does not hurt, it might just feel a little funny.