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Photo of Dianna and Thulani

Dr. Dianna Willis Shared About What it Is Like to Be a Scientist to the Kids at Kliptown


On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Dr. Dianna Willis spoke about life of a scientist to children of the Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa, an educational program that helps boost academic excellence among very disadvantaged children. Thulani Madondo, a member of the Burke Neurological Institute (BNI) Advancement Council, is the Executive Director of Kliptown Youth Program. Thulani reached out to BNI and mentioned that the children he educates focus on professions like law, finance and medicine, but they never mention science…because they do not know any scientists. Thanks to Dr. Willis and Thulani Madondo, kids living in Kliptown, South Africa were able to meet a fantastic scientist and learn about her path to becoming a neuroscientist!

To learn more about Thulani Madondo, one of our newest BNI Advancement Council members, please visit the CNN heroes story link.