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Two years later, Brad Berman, shows incredible progress while helping others in recovery
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In 2014, at the age of 37, Brad Berman, a father of two and an attorney specializing in tax law at GE, experienced a massive hemorrhagic stroke resulting in a five-week long coma.

BMRI Researchers Discover a Novel Drug to Prevent Brain Bleeding

On March 2nd, a manuscript from the Burke Medical Research Institute describing a novel drug for improving outcomes following brain hemorrhage was published in Science’s sister journal, Science Translational Medicine.

Joint Meeting of Spanish Scientists
Mar Cortes, M.D. , clinical scientist of the Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation and Human Motor Control Laboratory at Burke Medical Research Institute, has been invited to present at the first "Joint Meeting of Spanish Scientists in the United States" held at Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
Retreat Team 2015

Burke Medical Research Institute faculty and staff ventured out of the Institute to Skytop Lodge, a majestic lodge in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for the two-day Annual Retreat.

BMRI Researchers Awarded Funding from New York State
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New York State Department of Health
Burke Medical Research Institute laboratories led by Dr. Willis and Dr. Carmel are two of nine research teams across the state of New York recently awarded grant funding for the development of treatments and cures for various forms and effects of spinal cord injuries.