Future Talent

Leading the Next Generation

A critical part of the mission of Burke Medical Research Institute (BMRI) is to foster and cultivate a pool of talented young scientists, clinicians, and clinician-scientists who will lead the next generation in research studies on repair and rehabilitation of the nervous system. BMRI is a leader in utilizing innovative scientific approaches to develop regenerative strategies to combat neurological disability and is academically affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine Medical College. The Institute provides a unique and beautiful setting for both postdoctoral fellows and students to participate in cutting-edge neurorehabilitation and neuroscience research. Learn more about training programs, training opportunities and open positions to join us in leading the next generation.

Training Opportunities

Postdoctoral fellows contribute to research at Burke by conducting science in our research labs.
Postdoctoral Fellowships
Burke hosts graduate students from WCM departments of Neuroscience and Developmental Biology.
Graduate Medical Fellow Opportunities
Opportunities for Undergraduates include the Summer Science Research Program and volunteer opportunities.
Undergraduate Opportunities
High school students can contribute to research during either the summer or academic year by volunteering to work in a research lab.
Tim Zavarella, High School Scholar

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Scholar in the Circuit Repair Laboratory

We are seeking an exceptional, motivated, and enthusiastic postdoctoral scholar in the Circuit Repair Laboratory at the Burke Medical Research Institute (BMRI), led by Edmund Hollis II, PhD.


Research Fellow in the Circuit Repair Laboratory

The Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute is currently seeking a Research Fellow with laboratory experience in either molecular biology techniques, animal behavioral analysis, or biomedical engineering. Recent graduates and current students (graduating Fall 2017 or Spring 2018) are encouraged to apply.


Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroscience in the Laboratory of Molecular Regeneration and Neuroimaging

Seeking two capable and enthusiastic Postdoctoral Fellows to join the Laboratory of Molecular Regeneration and Neuroimaging to develop and test new strategies to promote axon regeneration and functional recovery in mouse models of spinal cord injury and glaucoma.


Postdoctoral Fellow in the Human Spinal Cord Injury Repair Laboratory

Looking for a top-tier, highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow with strong interest in investigating the role of the corticospinal tract in motor recovery after spinal cord injury in humans to join the Human Spinal Cord Injury Repair Laboratory.


Participate in Programs

Summer Science 2016
Burke Medical Research Institute invites interested and qualified undergraduate students to apply to our Summer Science Research Program.