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Bionik Laboratories

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Interactive Motion Technologies, Inc., now known as Bionik, Inc. following  a merger with Bionik Laboratories, Inc., is the global pioneer in advanced rehabilitation solutions for patients with upper extremity motor impairments due to neurological injury. Our InMotion Neuro-Recovery Systems are the most thoroughly researched technology in neurorehabilitation and were originally developed and patented by leading scientists and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our robotic devices are designed to be fully interactive, providing assistance only where needed, and allowing the patient to complete discrete task oriented movements as he/she can on their own. By constantly challenging the patient according to his/her needs, the technology is adaptive and intelligent. Our outcomes have been consistently superior in the scientific literature as well as in clinic settings, for acute, subacute and chronic patients. And while many of the software protocols of InMotion Systems are designed to assist even severely impaired patients, the adaptive nature of our robotic systems allows for improvement with more mildly impaired patients as well.   

Our devices provide an easy set-up for ambulatory and wheel-chair bound patients, and offer real-time patient progress reporting, evaluation tools and the full set of therapeutic games and protocols. They can be used with adults and children.