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Red Bull, High Performance Division

Putrino Lab has a collaboration with the “High Performance” division of Red Bull. Our mission is to use powerful, state-of-the-art technology to enhance the performance of Red Bull-sponsored athletes.

Project Endurance 2.0:

We used non-invasive brain stimulation techniques on professional endurance athletes in order answer a single question: can we use technology to switch off the brain’s fatigue signal and take our bodies to new levels of performance?

Project Endurance 3.0:

We brought professional athletes to Death Valley, California in order to answer the question: how do differences in altitude affect muscle output and overall athletic performance?

Surf Science:

We were tasked with answering the question: can we use low cost devices and virtual reality environments to train athletes in new and exciting ways? Equipped with a cache of equipment including a waterproofed EEG set up and an Oculus Rift we ventured to find out. Watch the video to see how it was done.