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PABLO System by Tyromotion

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Restorative Neurology Clinic, The Burke House
PABLO Hand Rehabilitation

After graduating from the Upper Limb Program individuals are eligible to enroll in the Upper Limb Graduate Member program offered at a reduced rate to encourage progress in the advance phases of neurorehabilitation for the upper limb. As a graduate member individuals have access to the Pablo system.

Undergoing advance phases of neurorehabilitation for arms and hands involves restoring flexibility, extension, range of motion, and grip strength. Developed to assist physical therapists, PABLO by Tyromotion is a state-of-the-art sensor-based therapy device designed to accelerate hand-arm rehabilitation following a neurological and orthopedic condition utilizing gamification therapy. With the PABLO’s sensory system, customizable software and interactive therapy exercises each progressive therapy sessions can be tailored to each individual recovery goals.

PABLO System Solution Comprises of:

  • PABLO Sensorgrip - enables the measurement of force and pressure for all types of grips, such as cylinder grip and pincer grip. By means of integrated position sensors, the unit also measures the range of movement of an arm.
  • PABLO Multiball - trains pronation and supination of the forearm as well as extension and flexion of the wrist.
  • PABLO Multiboard - used for the repetitive training of individual or several joints of the arm, optionally with a distal or proximal approach.

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