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InMotion WRIST Robot

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Restorative Neurology Clinic, The Burke House
InMotion WRIST Robot

Vital to carry out everyday tasks, the wrist plays a pivotal role in assisting the hand and arm by accomplishing a variety of rotations with respect to the elbow to perform gross motor and fine motor movements. Following a stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological conditions, wrist impairments may develop as a result of weakness in muscles and neurological functions.

Developed to stimulate wrist neruorehabilitation the InMotion Wrist Robot by Bionik Laboratories is an exoskeletal robot designed to strengthen three types of wrist rotation, flexion and extension (bend and raise hand), radial and ulnar deviation (hand wave), and forearm pronation and supination (palm up and palm down). While sitting in a chair in front of a monitor, the forearm, wrist and hand are secured to the robotic arm and joystick. Targets on a computer game guide the individual to move their wrist to perform therapy exercises. If the wrist is too weak or has limited movement the InMotion Wrist Robot will gently move the wrist through a range of motion to build strength, engage muscle memory and awakening neuro-plasticity to restore motor function. As repetitive movements improve the robotic computer games adapt and challenge the individual to reach optimal recovery.


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