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DIEGO® by Tyromotion

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Restorative Neurology Clinic, The Burke House
DIEGO® by Tyromotion

Tyromotion’s DIEGO® is a robotic device that is used to help restore function to the arm and shoulder and has additional capabilities through the extension of virtual reality therapy. The DIEGO can suspend one arm, or both, so that a patient has the space and freedom to safely move the upper extremities in one-, two- or three-dimensional modules. With DIEGO, the patient can use both arms in therapy to better simulate activities of daily living (ADL), and those motions are shown on a computer screen. The intelligent gravity compensation (IGC) makes heavy arms lighter and allows physiological movement of the arms in all phases of rehabilitation. In therapy sessions, individuals use increasingly varied, motivating and targeted processes with natural movements and task-oriented training. DIEGO may be used in passive, assistive and active therapy modes, depending on the individual needs. The DIEGO provides objective analysis and documentation of patient progress.

DIEGO is appropriate for children and adults in all phases of rehabilitation.