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AMADEO® by Tyromotion

Equipment Location: 
Restorative Neurology Clinic, The Burke House
AMADEO® by Tyromotion

The AMADEO simulates the natural grasping motion and executes automated movement sequences. Depending on the degree of neurological damage, the patient can be treated passively or actively. The therapist can devise a therapy program suited for the individual patient: 

  1. CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Therapy: The passive hand is stimulated 
  2. Assistive Therapy: The hand displays function and permits active training at the patient’s limit of performance. 
  3. Interactive Therapy: Active training with specifically developed virtual therapy games. 

The AMADEO also NEWLY includes: 

  1. Improved evaluation of the force actively exerted by the patient, as well as the active Range of Motion (ROM). 
  2. Tonus and spasticity measurement. 
  3. Spasticity therapy and sensitivity training.

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