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Physician Referrals - Upper Limb Program

The Restorative Neurology Clinic at Burke Medical Research Institute welcomes physician referrals for individuals who are recovering from stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or other neurological conditions and would benefit from robotic assisted therapy.

About the Upper Limb Robotics Program:

  1. Robotic assisted therapy, as currently and historically performed in our clinic, is highly recommended by the American Heart Association and Department of Defense Guidelines for people with arm weakness after a stroke, to improve function.
  2. Our program will typically run for six weeks (3x per week), as this is the time shown for most dramatic improvement in function.
  3. Patients can best participate in the upper limb robotics program if they have; (a) at minimum - at least trace voluntary muscle activation at the biceps and shoulder, (b) can understand basic instructions; and do not have; (i) strong fixed contracture, (ii) visual or perceptual deficits that would preclude them from playing the video game on the robotic screen, (iii) comorbidity that would preclude them from doing mild upper extremity repetitive activity.

To participate in our Upper Limb Program a physician's approval is required. 
Please FAX the completed physician approval form to (914) 597-2796.