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Woman doing yoga at home

Staying Fit and Rejuvenated While Practicing Social Distancing


Exercising, deep breathing or meditating to music are great ways to manage anxiety, change and destress while practicing social distancing. Enjoy the following list of resources to help you find new ways to continue working out and reset with positive energy.

Get Out Side

Go for a walk, run or bike ride around your neighborhood and parks.

Paved Bicycle And Pedestrian Paths

  • Bronx River Pathway
  • North County Trailway
  • South County Trailway

Cheer up sidewalks and walkways for neighbors by drawing with sidewalk chalk. At this time it best to keeps kids away from public playgrounds. Try some of the following activities when the weather is nice.

Backyard Activities

Backyard Camping, Barbecue/Picinic Lunch, Bird Watching, Bocce Ball, Board Games, Broom Ball, Bubbles, Building a Fort or Teepee, Card Games, Corn Hole, Egg Hunt, Gardening, Giant Jenga, Hopscotch, Lawn Darts, Lawn Bowling with Yoga Ball, Make S’mores, Mini Golf, Messy Art, Monkey in the Middle, Outdoor Movie Night with Backyard Screen, Sandbox/Sand Table, Scavenger Hunt, Sidewalk Chalk/Art Wall, T-Ball

At Home Exercises

There are many exercises you can do while at home. Enjoy this list of free home exercise resources of videos to apps at levels from beginner to intermediate.



Breathing & Meditation

To reset, relax and unwind set aside some time for deep breathing, meditation, listening to music or nature sounds. Even a few minutes of these activities can make a big difference and can be practiced anywhere.

Deep Breathing