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Laboratory/Animal Care Technician

Research Staff - Lab Member
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Job Description

This person assumes responsibility, under supervision of the Burke Research Animal Resource Center (BRARC) Facility Manager. This includes but not limited to, routine animal husbandry duties, maintenance of the BRARC facility, maintenance of facility equipment and supplies, maintenance of the laboratory glassware and supplies, follow the regulations by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Responsibilities also include notifying management of problems with the animals and the facility, interacting with all personnel using the animal facility and assuring that accepted practices and guidelines established by NIH, Manhattan based RARC, and the Cornell Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) are followed.

Work Performed

  • Performs all chores and duties assigned by the manager.
  • Carefully monitor the animals for any health or behavioral problems and send alerts using supplied devices so that the proper necessary actions are taken and that no animal is suffering.
  • Assures that all investigators are following acceptable practices in the animal facility.
  • Monitor cages for problems such as low food and water, flooding by water bottles and general cleanliness and completing census of animals within the facility. Change animal bedding, food, water and other cage items, wash or recycles cages and all related items, prepares cages, bottles and other items for future use by animal care technicians and investigators.
  • Maintain, adjust, monitor, clean all rooms and equipment, and complete all chores assigned. Correct deficiencies and record data on devices and logs provided. Alert management promptly of any problems so that they can be addressed properly.
  • Receives animals by; collecting the animals from the delivery person, using the EnCCoMPass system on the computer and devices to confirm that the correct animals are received, ensures that all animals received at Burke are placed in cages with the all supplies needed, ensures that the right cage card information is affixed to the cage, alerting the BRARC manager of any problems with the animals upon arrival and complete receipt of animals using supplied devices.
  • Receive items delivered to the animal facility by using supplied devices and place these supplies in their proper place in a timely manner.
  • Support lab personnel by collecting, washing, sterilizing, replacing laboratory glassware to the labs and sterilizing solutions and items produced by the labs.
  • Sterilize and dispose of wastes and recyclables including but not limited to regular waste, biohazard waste produced by the animal facility and labs, and medical waste.
  • Alerts management and/or administration of the Burke Research Animal Resource Center to any unforeseen problems that need to be addressed.


BRARC Job Specifications

  • Education and experience required: High school diploma or GED required. AALAS certified preferred but not required.  Expected to work toward certification if currently does not have one.
  • Learning time: One (1) month. Continuous training provided.
  • Interrelationship: The Technician must be able to interact respectfully with managers, directors, investigators, and various persons that visit Burke as well as their peers.
  • Physical requirements: Must have full faculties and be able to stand for long periods of time. Some heavy lifting required, must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. Must be able to withstand repetitive motion of arms, legs and waist. This position requires constant seeing, adjusting focus, reasoning, analyzing, and communicating.
  • Work environment: Research animal facility with designated clean and dirty sides, research labs and surrounding areas. Exposure to animals and potential allergens.
  • Special requirements: Needs to be very conscientious and be able to meet the needs of the animals. Need to be polite and respectful and conscientious to a variety of people. Must have good communications skills. Require constant attention to changing details. Computer literate and willing to learn new applications. Must be very reliable and work carefully and thoroughly.

How to Apply

To apply, interested candidates should complete the online application, upload a resume/CV,  and include three contacts for references.

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