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Neurogenesis and Migration - October 1

Introduction to Neuroscience
Who Should Attend: 
High School Students
How does the brain control movement?


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Circuit Repair Laboratory
Burke Neurological Institute

Suggested Reading

  • Textbook Ch7 pgs 192-195
  • Textbook Ch23 pgs 784-790

Lesson Objectives

  • Understanding where and when are neural cells generated during development.
  • Cortical neurogenesis and central role of radial glia as prototypical examples of embryonic development in the nervous system.
  • Not all cell divisions are equal: understanding the distinct roles that symmetric and asymmetric cell divisions have in proliferation and differentiation during development.
  • Most neurons are born in regions that are distant from where the mature and integrate into the nervous system. The control of neuronal progenitor migration is essential for the proper nervous system development and function. 

About Introduction to Neuroscience

Burke Neurological Institute, in White Plains, is offering an Introduction to Neuroscience course for interested High School students. 

Fall 2020 Syllabus


Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 6:15pm to 7:45pm


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