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Blythedale Children’s Hospital Poster Day 2017

Poster Presentation
Who Should Attend: 
Researchers & Physicians
Burke-Blythedale Restorative Neurology Program


A Quantitative Tool for Automated Optokinetic Vision Assessment.
Jeremy Hill, Melis Suner, Jason Carmel, Glen Prusky

Proprioception Impairments in Children with Unilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy Measured with a Markerless Motion Capture System.
Karen Chin, Lindsey Soles, David Putrino, Behdad Debandhi, Victor Nwankwo, Andrew Gordon, Kathleen Friel

Duration and Efficacy of Repeat Salivary Gland Botulinum Toxin Injection: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
Hannah Shoval, Jaren Levin, Kathleen Friel, Heakyung Kim

Efficacy and Negative Outcome Profile of Single Event Multilevel Onabotulinum Toxin.
Hannah Shoval, Jaren Levin, Kathleen Friel, Heakyung Kim

Quantitative Diffusion Tensor Tractography of Motor and Sensory Pathways in Children with Unilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy and its relation to Sensorimotor Function.
Claudio Ferre, Lindsey Soles, Andrew Gordon, Kathleen Friel

Quantitative EEG Assessment of Emerging Cognitive Function in Children After Acquired Brain Injury.
Sudhin Shah, Melis Suner, Sophie Nowark, Jason Carmel, Nicholas Schiff, Jeremy Hill

Structured Assessment Protocol for Pediatric Patients with Acquired Brain Injuries in an Impatient Rehabilitation Hospital.
Wil Watson, Sudhin Shah, Heakyung Kim, Kathy Silverman, Elana Kaplan, Jason Carmel, Jay Selman

Outcomes of 26 Children with Anti-NMDA.
Melis Suner, Jason Carmel, Kathleen Friel, Sheila Stueck, Jay Selman

Constraint Therapy with Progressive Incorporation of Bimanual Therapy Significantly Improves Hand Function in Children with Hemiparesis.
KA Lai “Kelly” Au, Julie Knitter, Susan Morrow-McGinty, Lindsey Soles, Jason Carmel, Kathleen Friel  

Registered Nurses as Preceptors – A Qualitative Case Study.
Melissa Shemek

Effect of Sensory and Motor Connectivity on Hand Function in Pediatric Hemiplegia.
Disha Gupta, Alexandre Barachant, Andrew Gordon, Claudio Ferre, Hsing-Ching Kuo, Jason Carmel, Kathleen Friel

Balance Master Training to Improve a Child’s Gait Speed During a Simulated Task: A Randomized Control Trial.
Linda Fieback, Mark Flesenfeld, Teresa Smith, Niah Mensah

Light refreshments will be served.


Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Blythedale Children’s Hospital
95 Bradhurst Avenue
Valhalla, NY 10595
United States
Conference Room: 
Front Lobby