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TYMO® System by Tyromotion

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Restorative Neurology Clinic, The Burke House

After graduating from Lower Limb Program individuals are eligible to enroll in the Lower Limb Graduate Member Program offered at a reduced rate to encourage progressing in the advance phases of neurorehabilitation for the lower limb. As a graduate member you have access to the TYMO by Tyromotion.

Undergoing advance phases of neurorehabilitation for the lower limb involves restoring balance, stability, coordination, weight distribution, muscular strengthen and joint control. Developed to assist physical therapists with static and dynamic assessment and gamification therapy applications, TYMO by Tyromotion is a state-of-the-art sensor-based therapy device designed to accelerate with lower limb rehabilitation following a neurological and orthopedic condition.

While standing or sitting on the TYMO therapy board a wide variety of gamification therapy exercises can be performed to improving equilibrium, balance and postural control. TYMO can be used statically with an elastic support and as a movement board with selective movement axes. As the gamification therapy exercises are performed measurements and data are recorded. With TYMO’s sensory system, customizable software and interactive therapy exercises each progressive therapy sessions can be tailored to each individual.

Static measurement and therapy: While standing, sitting or supported on the TYMO therapy board, therapy sessions targeting force and weight distributions are recorded and measured to provide progressive individualized therapy delivered in a playful manner.

Dynamic measurement and therapy: When a rolling element is placed underneath the TYMO therapy board, the board becomes movable and analyzes movement by sensors to provide progressive individualized therapy targeting balance, stability and coordination.

TYMO Therapy Plate (English)

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