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Restorative Neurology Clinic, The Burke House

Learning to walk again after recovering from a neurological condition such as a stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or multiple sclerosis is a courageous neuro-rehabilitation journey where limits are pushed and odds are defied.

Developed by Ekso Bionics the Ekso™ is a wearable, technological exoskeleton that enables individuals with various levels of paralysis, hemiparesis, or lower extremity weakness to stand and walk with breakthrough robotic assistance. Securing over one’s clothing, the Ekso bionic suit is adjustable to fit individuals of various heights and widths. Walking with Ekso is achieved by activating sensors trigger by weight shifts from the body or with the use of an external controller. Motors power the hip and knee joints to initiate steps and walking motions. Ekso robotic assisted neurorehabilitation focuses on gait training and weight bearing exercises that guide and challenge the recovery process to building strength, engage muscle memory and awaken neuro-plasticity, the healing of brain nerves, essential for standing and walking.

Prior to using Esko a comprehensive clinical evaluation to ensure that robotic therapy with the Esko device is appropriate will be performed by Ekso certified physical therapists.

Ekso - with Variable Assist (Rehabilitation Video 2014 EMEA)

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