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Telemedicine and Virtual Rehabilitation

Our focus is to design, develop, and deploy comprehensive telemedicine services for individuals with chronic disability. Telemedicine is an emerging approach to healthcare that allows healthcare providers, assisted by innovative technology, to deliver engaging and high-intensity therapy in the home at low cost. This has the potential to significantly impact the quality of care that we can provide to millions of individuals who are currently unable to readily access services that would improve their health. 

We use state-of-the-art motion capture and biometric monitoring technology to allow physicians and health professionals to monitor wellness at home and in the clinic in unprecedented detail. Using this information allows us to engage in novel research that explores the mechanisms of recovery in a variety of conditions, and design accurate methods for assessing disease severity, progression and recovery. These methods have not been previously available to individuals in need of care. This is an exciting new field of clinical research, but our primary goal remains the same: to provide individuals in our community with the highest possible standard of care.

Dr. Putrino developing The Brainwiter, a Not Impossible Lab project.

Dr. Putrino developing The Brainwiter, a Not Impossible Lab project.


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