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Clinic for Children with Low Vision Due to Brain Injury or Disease

In-Progress / Currently Recruiting Participants
August 23, 2017
OptokineSys in use with a child patient of the Brain Injury Unit at Blythedale Children’s Hospital.

Children receive both neurological and ophthalmological evaluations by board-certified pediatric specialists with expertise in brain injury. Children with brain-derived visual impairment will receive expert medical evaluation with potential to participate in innovative rehabilitation research.

What Do We Offer? 

  • Full neurological history and examination. 
  • Comprehensive eye and vision examination, including measures of visual acuity and eye movements. 
  • Coordinated review of history and test results.
  • Written report to referring provider. 
  • Eligible children referred to clinical research trials.


Both (Male and Female)

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Scott Mooney, Ph.D.

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Blythedale Children’s Hospital
95 Bradhurst Avenue
Valhalla, NY 10595